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VELMA + RIDDICK – 10.7.1945

My sister sent me a note today and asked me "What are you doing today!?" "YOU NEED TO WRITE ABOUT OUR GRANDPARENTS TINY WEDDING – IT WOULD HAVE BEEN 75 YEARS OF MARRIAGE TODAY!"

How could I not!! #1) It is my job to bring couples a stylized Tiny Wedding, provide local resources and create unique wedding experiences without stress. #2)The goal is to help couples JUST SAY I DO, but also I love to hear the story that brought these two people together! So writing this family love story of my grandparents is so easy for me, because it builds on my #ALTAREvents focus, FOCUS ON JUST THE TWO. Plus, I loved seeing my grandparents relationship as I grew up!

We are so fortunate to have notes from my grandmother on her journey of love and life during the early 1940’s. She told of her days prior to getting married and how much it meant for her to have “her Riddick” back at home in North Carolina as WWII was coming to an end. Apparently my grandfather asked my grandmother for her hand in marriage as soon as he returned from the war. My grandparents both had plenty of family in the coastal area of NC, but they chose to have an intimate ceremony at my Great Grandmother’s house with close friends and family. It is amazing when you think of how things that affect us on big scales – war, loss of loved ones, gain of new babies, pandemics affect our thought process on marriage and show us what is important – JUST THE TWO. My grandparents were married on October 7th, 1945 at 6:00PM. It was a celebration of a love through a devastating and emotional time of war, and separation for years for them.

Today's, October 7th excerpt from my grandmother’s diary says: FYI - My sister is avidly reading daily without jumping ahead – she’s super disciplined

1945 – Today is one to be long remembered. I made my vows to God and man at 6:00PM. The house was beautiful decorated. My dress was white, carried a white bible, corsage orchids, white flowers in my hair.”

I know, because of my sister reading the diary and sharing her words with me, how much my grandmother was looking forward to my grandfather coming home from WWII and being back in his presence. They wrote a ton of letters to each other and have a great love story. The diary reads day after day about how much she missed him when she was at college. As a matter of fact, when he finally returned home from the war, she only saw him 7 days before returning to school for the Fall semester. HEARTBREAK!

The idea of having this intimate ceremony and reception with close friends and family was perfect after years of being apart. It was the #FOCUSONTHETWO! It’s what I say in most of my #ALTAREvents IG posts, it’s what matters most.

Their wedding was super special, and we are so happy we can still celebrate their love today – 75 years of marriage starting with an intimate ceremony – A TINY WEDDING!

What I remember most about my grandparents is that they shared a love like no other! She took care of him, and he took care of her. My grandfather was strong in every way, and my grandmother made a beautiful home for him. They both worked, had children, and were big supporters of their church. They were the light of each other’s lives.

I can honestly say I’m super fortunate to have this type of marriage model on both sides of my family. I would say it’s common practice to share this type of love when the focus is right.

Celebrate with intimacy, celebrate your vows, and celebrate the love of JUST THE TWO OF YOU! #JustSayIDo

Happy 75th Anniversary Grandma and Grandaddy!

This is a picture of my Grandparents outside my Great-Grandmother’s house in Roper, NC on October 7, 1945. Also, a picture of the invitation from their reception.

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