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Altar Micro Wedding Event

About Altar



You may have heard terms like Micro Weddings, Tiny Weddings, or Pop Up Weddings. We prefer to call them Altar Weddings. Altar offers a simple and complete solution to wanting to have a memorable yet affordable wedding.


Altar partners with unique & trustworthy vendors to host inclusive wedding ceremonies, hosting around the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex.

We'll throw you a timeless, 2 hour wedding. Celebrate the love you have for each other, without sacrificing the memories. We provide everything a couple needs, before and the day of, to have a striking wedding event. No worry, waste, or hassle. 

Happy Couple at Altar Micro Wedding Event
Altar's Partners


About Altar 3


Happy Couple at Micro Wedding

Our Experience

Altar's maker has 14 years in hospitality, event planning, sales and customer service. Altar locally collaborates with everyone from venues and photographers to bakers and paper companies to create a meaningful wedding experience with your closest loved ones. 


Through Altar's vision and seamless vendor collaboration an unfading wedding event awaits. 

Environmentally Sustainable

Altar weddings are gentler on the earth! Altar hosts multiple ceremonies a day using the same space; by banding together and sharing resources we can help minimize waste in the wedding industry. Altar's weddings are simply & uniquely designed, by season.


Altar provides an innovative option to enjoy an important moment in life, while still being conscious of humanities footprint. 

Environmentally Sustainable Micro Wedding

 Our Environmental 


Happy Couple at Micro Wedding

Our Promise

An Altar couple knows that they want to focus on their love and connection over the strain large weddings can often become. All couples are welcome to experience this mindful way to wed.

Altar promises to provide everything a couple needs to celebrate their new journey together in a way to remember.

Meet Eva

Eva is known for her calm nature with clients to create one of a kind customer experiences. It is not just about stylizing the picture-perfect event, it is about offering knowledge to clients about how to adapt to changing times! Weddings have become over the top, stressful, and financially draining. Altar was created to assist with weddings by saving couples time, stress and money. 

As a huge supporter of local businesses and community affairs, Eva is proud to say she is a long time Richardson, TX resident and attended University of North Texas in Denton. She is a devoted mother to her son and loves her family and friends. Eva loves cultural inspirations, trend setting ideas that influence food, travel, and architecture, and of course, events!


Eva is here to share her vision and network of professionals with couples, so they can just say I do! 

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