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You're an Altar Bride if​...

  • You are ready to Just SAY I DO!..and want to do it soon

  • Your wedding day will be an intimate setting with close friends and family

  • You want to move past the wedding planning and start your new life together

  • You want someone else to handle the details

  • You’re don't want to waste time

  • You want amazing photos of this one day without breaking the bank

  • You want to Renew your Vows, or you want to get Married Again

  • You and your partner are awesome


... Let's Say I Do together!


Q & A

How much does an Altar Event cost?

Starting pricing $3,900.00. Deposits for ½ of total amount due and will be taken at the time of booking. 

What is included in the price?

The venue, officiant, planning, design, flowers, decor, cake, champagne, music, and rentals. 50 guests is the maximum number of guests we like to have in a space, while some spaces work better with 30 guests or less. Altar Weddings are 2 hours. Light bites from LUSH Catering Co. are included at additional cost.

Will I have time to get ready before the wedding? 

Yes, we allow brides and the wedding party to get there 20-30 minutes early to prepare for your ceremony, and just say I do.

What is the Ceremony like?

Most wedding ceremonies are 15 minutes. During and after the ceremony the photographer will take photos and capture your guests moving into the reception. We ask that you limit the amount of people in your wedding party to two attendants.

What is the Reception like?

There is a 45 minute, music filled, reception. Couples will have a set time for their photo shoot. In addition, your reception will include cake cutting, champagne toast and photography.

What can I customize?

This is the best part for you and for us! We work with great local vendors who will come up with seasonal looks based on what is blooming and popular! We will provide easy choices, so you don’t become overwhelmed. Music is also customizable.

Is Altar COVID-19 prepared?

Yes, we are taking all the necessary precautions to have a safe and clean environment for your wedding. We consider the space and party size, area between people, and sanitation measures. Learn More.

What if I can’t keep my original wedding date?

Things happen... we will try to accommodate you with another wedding date and your deposit can be applied. 

When will I receive my photos?

About four weeks after your Altar Wedding.

How do we get our marriage license?

You can obtain a marriage license from any county in Texas. See Dallas County's link here. 

Can I bring my furry friend?

Pets depend on the location and what the rules and regulations of the space are. Contact us at for more information

Do you have additional resources?

We would love to help you continue your celebration, by putting you in touch with the caterer we work with to host an event off premise. We also partner with restaurants who can accommodate 30 person events or less. 

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