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Curation of Minimalistic Weddings: Is it really important to follow society’s blueprint?

This Valentines Day many of us may find ourselves contemplating the meaning of love and life. The two big L’s! Being in the Wedding Business, I am confronted with these quandaries often. An article online: The Truth About Minimalism: It’s Not About Stuff ( peaked my thoughts in an unexpected way. What was minimalism and how does it relate to love and weddings? Brian Gardner's words spoke to me!

The article defines Minimalism as:

a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.”

Their definition classifies minimalism as a noun, rather than a verb. They consider it a thing, rather than an action. Minimalism isn’t a destination, it’s the vehicle that takes us to the destination: a simpler, happier life.”

So I ask…

Is it really important to follow a blueprint of what a wedding has to be, when the goal is a simpler, happier life with the person who loves us?

So many of us feel the stressors of the negative emotions consumer culture brings. But! People are also realizing minimalism can be a vector towards happiness and fulfillment when it comes to our lifestyle, relationships, and loved ones.

More than ever the Wedding industry has become inflated. According to Value Penguin, the average cost of a wedding in Texas is $24,520. Let us remind ourselves this Valentine's Day there are no rules to how weddings must be! It is not a show, it is a near and dear life event.

It’s really about the way we want to pursue the act of simplicity and apply it to the actual marriage, right!? At 25, my thoughts as a newly engaged person was to go to the Dallas Arboretum and have an intimate ceremony. Having a small family, I never anticipated inviting a ton of people or spending a huge amount of money. My thoughts have always been more economical, low stress, and fundamental. With an ALTAR Tiny Wedding Event, I really want to resonate with the type of couple, who are thinking about minimization: financial freedom, and keeping their lives clutter free of chaos.

Let’s face it, the divorce rate is almost 50% percent. There are things that can keep a relationship free from clutter. Talk about “the unit” and the life you want together. Be realistic and honest about what you value in your lifestyle, the relationship, and finances. Start here and create a wedding experience representative of your future marriage.

With minimalist ideals sweeping the mainstream more people are reflecting on what is really important. Being a minimalist is a state of mind and people are finding ways to have their special day at smaller, more intimate venues (public parks with an officiant, backyard weddings, even pool party receptions). Focus on what matters most – Just the two.

Couples seem to be asking an important question, that I know predates COVID: “How can we do this in an easy and memorable way?”

I want a deeper approach, curated experience, and a mindful connection to my community in anything I’m doing - especially when celebrating. The minimalist state is also about ethics, and creating minimalist habits within your community. Altar embraces it’s community, finding locations around the Metroplex who offer clients a distinctive experience. Check out some our partners.

ALTAR has this charismatic aspect of wedding planning covered and brings a conscious way of thinking to your marriage. In four easy steps, we can help you say I do. It reduces stress so couples can focus on less details and add more meaning to their day. Each of our locations are important to the community and to me. Vendors who work and source locally, Altar’s community partnerships coupled with beautiful Tiny Wedding visions allows us to host an alternative to a traditional wedding - a wise way to wed!

ALTAR will be hosting events throughout the year at unique locations in our close-knit community. Please keep in mind we offer 10% for our local heroes – FIRST RESPONDERS, MILITARY & EDUCATORS. Let’s K.I.S.S.

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