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Tiny Weddings aren’t new, they’ve been around for decades. Eva, Altar’s Owner, was witness to one right out of college and had no idea how it would impact her life.


15 years ago one of my best friends wanted to de-stress her wedding experience. She and her high school sweetheart decided they were going to tie the knot at Disney World in Orlando. I remember asking what the plan was, expecting to hear a long list of to-do’s. She said, “I do not want the fuss. I just want to enjoy getting married with my family and close friends and have a great honeymoon.” I thought, that is so perfect – I love it! It would be perfect for anyone wanting to de-stress their wedding.

With 18-20 guests and a tiny wedding party, it took place at a small chapel near the Floridian Hotel on the Disney resort. They said “I Do”, and were off to take amazing pictures near the beachfront area outside. A beautiful cake cutting and champagne toast was set up for our small group to celebrate the nuptials, and a violinist played a sweet Disney tune for the first dance. The details of the day were so simple and easy; the decor beautiful and a little bit whimsical. The attention to detail from the staff really created a wonderful wedding experience – she didn’t have anything to do but soak in the memories.

For that matter, no one had anything to do but enjoy her happy occasion with her. No massive set-ups, no dead time at a venue, no reception lines, no managing the wedding planner - only the awesome experience we all got to share. Their wedding day was the catapult to my ALTAR concept of bringing simplicity and joy to people without breaking the bank.

After college I became involved in hospitality, through luxury hotel experiences and catering. Orchestrating and running events for people has always been rewarding from both ends of the spectrum: having thrilled clients and smoothly project managing with event vendors. I found myself cultivating honest and longstanding relationships with clients, keeping them in-the-know about how to save money, time, and keep their milestones stress free.



ALTAR Events stirred in the back of my mind all along. I had fallen in love with the concept and could not forget it. How could I give clients a memorable experience and help them through the day with as little stress as possible? Trust. I gain my clients trust by exercising my ability to bring the event together seamlessly. In turn, I trust the great vendors in my corner to bring the vision together. All the pretty details and a meaningful experience.

Places like Bonton Farms in Dallas, The Landry Collective in Dallas, event1013 in the heart of downtown Plano, and Communion in Richardson are helping to build a neighborly community. The locations are all different, but I love the appeal and impact in the community. Do it Mini, Tiny, Small, Elopement, but don’t let a date, planning, or booking a venue be the deterrent. We have a multitude of dates coming up this year to meet your Tiny Wedding needs.

People are in the mode of simplifying and minimizing, while creating meaningful experiences. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, ALTAR was planned and I knew it would serve as a great solution for those who are looking to JUST SAY I DO and not worry about the impact larger weddings can be. When I see people getting married in this Tiny Wedding setting, it warms my heart so much because I am thinking - they know! They want to focus on them, have their friends and family around them, celebrate their love and move on to their lives together. A great honeymoon, buying a house, merging their families, having children, and not being in serious debt over a wedding. I’m not knocking the big weddings, I’ve seen and done great events. Though over and over again, I hear people say the best wedding they’ve been at are the small intimate weddings. When I ask people, what are they looking for, they usually say a few things – we want to:

… have a great wedding day!

… not stress over the day!

… have a great memory!

You can’t beat that sweet moment of all of your family and close friends in a small space, celebrating the union. People love it! Why not make an impact on your family and friends and show them that simple can be done stylishly and momentously. Share resources, have a stunning tiny wedding memory with ALTAR.


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